When it comes to FORKLIFT purchase, you need a qualified contact. Many forklift dealers do not include forklift purchases in their offer, due to lack of space and special know-how, that is needed. ContiLift Forklift is specialised in FORKLIFT purchase & sale of used FORKLIFTS and warehouse equipment.

We are the perfect partner for you, who owns a long-term experience and submits you a fair offer. We are daily looking for used FORKLIFTS and industrial trucks, in order to deal with all the requests throughout Europe. Offer us your used FORKLIFT or your used warehouse equipment. We buy, among others:

  • FORKLIFTS up to 1.5t and over 16.0t (diesel, LPG, gas, electric)
  • WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT Electric palett truck, High lift stacker, Order picker)
We created the FORKLIFT purchase very simple for you. Simply fill out the online data sheet and we will send you an individual offer, tailored to your FORKLIFT.

We need your vehicle data, technical details, dimensions and information about closed height, further informations about the special equipment, attachments, price expectations and submission date, as well as your personal data.

Furthermore, kindly send us a picture to the indicated Email address. As soon as your inquiry has reached us, we will contact you within 24h and send you our offer for your used FORKLIFT. Kindly understand, that we only reply to serious and completely filled requests. 

Professional partner for FORKLIFT purchase
ContiLift Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG is your professional partner for the FORKLIFT purchase. Perhaps, you already are experienced in Forklift purchases and have not been satisfied. We know the market very well, and also know of the negative aspects. Bad prices, dubious offers and other worries of unprofessional dealers that complicate the FORKLIFT purchase.

ContiLift Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG is a well-known dealer for industrial trucks, that stand by your side. After submitting all of the nessecary indications, we prepare a free analysis for your FORKLIFT or industrial truck and determine the merchantable price. Our price suggestion is, of course, negotiable. 

It is very important for us, that the purchase via ContiLift Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG is transparent and fair. You can request the detailed business processing at any time.

FORKLIFT Purchase, Sale – ContiLift Forklifts
ContiLift Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG is located in Germany, Hamburg, Marie-Curie-Straße 7 – 28876 Oyten. However, we do not limit our FORKLIFT purchase to Germany. We buy throughout Europe.

You would like to renew your fleet and have already acquired new vehicles? We are glad, if you offered us your old fleet for sale. We transact the FORKLIFT purchase fast, safe and reliable. This is guaranteed by our long-term experience in FORKLIFT purchase and sale, which we conduct throughout Europe. Of course, you also are free to decline our offer. Our offer is non-binding - your are not obliged to anything. Kindly contact us, in case of questions regarding our FORKLIFT purchase.

Purchase of used FORKLIFTS
Your used FORKLIFT suffers an engine failure or it is a damaged vehicle? Depending on the extent of damage, we also purchase these industrial trucks. Contact us and we make you an individual offer.

Your FORKLIFT is located in a rural area? No problem, we will also reach you there. We gladly explain once again, how simple our purchase is: Fill out the online form.

You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)40 32047610 or via mobile at +49 (0)171 48 11 23 9.
If you prefer writing an email, please send it to info@contilift.de.